Dunluce Castle



 Cheers for 2006!
     Ireland has one World Heritage site which is The Giant’s Causeway. Along the N. Antrim (County) coast four castles exist which are quite impressive because of their locale and the types of fortresses they still are, despite the fact that they are in ruins. Dunluce Castle which featured in my last blog entry is the eeriest of all, but all are worth seeing. The others are Dunsverick, Kinbane, Ballycastle and Giant’s Causeway itself, which has quite a legend attached to it.
     If you tour that coastline they will fill you in on the details and I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it.
      You will find Dunluce if you approach the Causeway from the west, as it is high on a crag. It is purported that its kitchen was blown into the sea. Dating back from the 13th century it was the McDonnell’s abode, as they were the chiefs of Antrim. The roofs are gone but much of it is intact enough for you to glory in its former magnificence.
     Dunsverick is an older castle, and on the other side (read: east) of Giant’s Causeway. Not much of it remains. Kinbane is further east and is a 16th century stunner and a crowd pleaser. Check out the Irish Castles photo album to see Dunluce and many other Irish castles. Some I have written about and others I plan to write about in the future.
  Big kiss and hug from
The Castle Lady
 Cliffs of Moher  


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2 Responses to Dunluce Castle

  1. Evelyn says:

    I\’ve added a photo to the Ireland Photo folder showing a small but charming dwelling on top of one of these cliffs ( of Moher). To check it out just click the photos icon at the top of your browser ! Enjoy ! The Castle Lady


  2. Douglas says:

    Simply wonderful and ravishing as always. Most definitely beautiful… Also, the pictures in this article isn\’t bad neither. =;o))


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