Dunstanburgh Castle

     Here’s just a little bit of information about Dunstanburgh, one of the castles pictured in my Northumbria  photo album that I didn’t have the time to tell you about in my December entry:
     The castle of John of Gaunt (one of the many!) occupies a wonderfully strong natural site in a promontary overlooking the North Sea. Like several other Northumberland castles. it is in ruins and has been uninhabited for hundreds of years but its size will fill you with wonder at what it once was in comparison with the magnificence it still retains. Along with Alnwick, (Remember? The Harry Potter castle?) and Bamburgh, in the Middle Ages, these castles dominated the English northeast coast.
     A castle I had never heard about in this region came to my attention recently and I will look into it and give you a report and hopefully a good photo of this renaissance stunner- called Featherstone Castle- in my next entry.
                                             Ciao for now!   The Castle Lady

Aerial photo of ruins   See the Northumberland photo album for a better look !

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One Response to Dunstanburgh Castle

  1. Evelyn says:

    I\’ve got a more comprehensive entry on Northumberland coming up soon so you can get the county in much further detail. Check back soon!
                                                              Evelyn, The Castle Lady   kisses and hugs!   


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