Featherstone Castle

Featherstone s-tyne valley 6 2 04     I did get a chance to check out Featherstone Castle and I’m glad I did because it’s one more stunner I can add to my book on castles. If you are wondering what book I’m talking about you can find out all about it on my official web site. Just click the link below at the end of this blog entry. The best way is just to let you see it:   

    There is more info on Featherstone in my Northumberland entries. Please check the castle entries directory list and read more about it.                

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  1. john says:

    as a direct male descendant of thomas  featherstonehaugh,his wife mariatta,their sons,alexander,robert,and peter or perkin
    who was from the lancashire estates,it is said that he discarded featherstonehaugh and was known as john -le parkynson
    this was \’testified and witnessed by j.tonge and a. hutton on 29 july 1575.
    question please; where was the place,and is it possible to obtain a copy,and can you help.
    thank you , john parkinson


  2. Evelyn says:

    Hi John ! For more information on Featherstone Castle and some of the heirs and owners check out my most recent posts in March, April, May and my last one in June for a comprehensive look at Northumberland in general. I covered Featherstone with the last two. (i.e. entries Part 6 or 7 !) Knowing the overall history of the rest of the castles will also help you as a lot of the castles were traded back and forth between the local nobility- particularly Featherstone. Hope it helps you out !
                                                     The Castle Lady     


  3. Dear Evelyn:

    I am a descendant of William Featherstone, on down to my grandfather, Fred Featherstone. I would like to create an album of this castle, so that my children, seven grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren (soon to be nine) can learn more about my lineage. I was born in the Philippines in 1931, granddaughter of Fred Featherstone who served in the Spanish-American war, enlisting in his home in Featherstone Township, Minnesota USA. He remained in the Philippines…thus, my ultimate birth.,

    How may I purchase an actual photo of the Castle? There are many online photos, but I thought it would be better that I had an actual photograph. I sincerely hope you can help me.

    Jean Featherstone-Cross
    3264 SE 24 Terrace
    Gresham, Oregon 97080


    • Evelyn says:

      Hi Jean ! As you have seen I’ve had quite a few inquiries about lineage to Featherstone Castle. If you’d like to purchase historical photos of Featherstone then you might want to try francisfrith.com. They are a rich source of photos of castles and most towns of the U.K. and their books are phenomenal for information. Check them out and thanks for commenting. It’s nice to know that there is keen and intrinsic interest in castles on our shores.


  4. yazoolady says:

    My grandmother, in MIssissippi, USA, was a Featherston, so I guess I must be descended! (Hah!) But we are planning a visit to Wales and to Hadrian’s Wall in September, and I came across this castle, so near Haltwhistle, where we plan to stay. Do you know if it would be possible to at least walk around the grounds? I understand it is privately owned.
    Thanks for any information you may have that would help our visit.
    Kay Jones


    • Evelyn says:

      Hi Kay! Featherstone Castle has been among the top most popular castles on my blog according to the hits it receives and has for a number of years. I have written more in an extensive series on Northumberland on Featherstone and posted them in 2008. That county has more than a hundred castles and vies with the whole of the Yorkshires for the most castles within England. Featherstone can indeed be visited and is the only castle authenticated as truly haunted. FYI Be sure to contact the nearest visitor center to the castle- possibly in Haltwhistle to find out how to get access and maybe even a tour of the inside. It was a castle hotel at one time but many years ago. I don’t know what its current status is so the visitor center is the best bet to find out.
      Have a great time ! Evelyn Wallace, The Castle Lady


  5. Brian Thomas Parkinson says:

    I would like to contact John Parkinson per an earlier post, could you forward my request please?

    Thank you,

    Brian Thomas Parkinson
    Illinois Farmer , several generations after Edward Parkinson, Maryland Farmer, early 1700’s

    309 737 4579 cell


    • Evelyn says:

      Hi Brian ! Because the comment left was so many years ago- ten to be precise- it is impossible for me to retrieve any information on the John Parkinson who wrote it. I only hope the information he left will be a help to you. This entry has spurred a lot of genealogical inquiries- more than any other entry on this blog. The Featherstones were very multiplicious apparently. Good luck with your research.


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