This is very off-subject but I have felt the need to write about this subject for quite some time. I know people don’t want to hear about privation but it is something that people who live in Appalachia have to deal with everyday. The Appalachian region, for the unapprised, extends more than a thousand miles across the northeastern area of the United States from the southern tip of New York State to northeastern Mississippi and is "home" to nearly 23 million people, most of whom are desperate for aid of all kinds. During this time of year these people have to decide between heating their homes or eating. In fact, the 410 counties that comprise Appalachia are considered to be in a state of "distress" and receive no government aid that is outside the usual programs. These are insufficient for an area that has the lowest per capita income in the U.S. and also has the highest rates of poverty and unemployment.
This photo shows a typical home for someone who lives in this region. Not exactly normal living standards as you and I experience and enjoy. It makes our homes look like castles. My advice if you really care about doing something for the poor in the U.S. is to get in contact with FEED THE CHILDREN or Christian Appalachian Project in Kentucky.  You can definitely make a difference in these people’s lives and I urge you to do so.

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