Kung Hay Faa Choy

This should be a good year considering that, according to the Chinese, the next year will be the year of the Dog, especially for me, being born in the year of the Dog! If I understand right, it will give me an advantage and as everyone has heard in the English speaking world, every dog has his day.
That being said, I predict that this will be a breakout year in which everything I undertake will prosper and expand as it should in the scheme of everything good and holy. Thank you God!
I’m not much for bragging on myself but with all the good fortune and favor I received during the year 2004 and 2005, to have the year already laid out as a good year for me does my heart good. I have worked hard and been diligent and I have experienced plenty of adversity in my day. This is well overdue. Come along with me and celebrate! It’s time!
Happy birthday Lij, Mom and Steven!
Your ever loving
Castle Lady!

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