Cinderella Dreams

Someday my prince will come… someday I’ll find my love.
     What girl has not wished for some handsome bloke to come along and sweep her off her glass slippered feet and take her away to his castle? I believe this is in the hearts of most women who are single, divorced or, at times, even widowed. Is it just a fantasy? Yes, mostly. Unobtainable? Largely. Is it an impossible dream? No.
     Each and every one of us has a dream which is fulfilled according to how strongly we pursue it and what we are willing to do to make the dream come to pass.
It’s all up to you.      The Castle Lady                            



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2 Responses to Cinderella Dreams

  1. Goumiliov says:

    Hi !
    Thanks for your comments, when I know that people read what I write, it\’s always a pleasure and it encouraged me, so thanks again.
    I love your quote of George Eliot, I think I\’m gonna put it in my next blog-article 😉
    Well, good luck for your prince, even if I don\’t believe in THE love, and … see you later !!
    PS: could you tell me what does BTW means :$ ?


  2. Goumiliov says:

    Hi !
    For the song, I knew it before, but after some research, I\’ve seen that there are lots of versions with differents artists … so I can\’t say who\’s the original one.
    Thanks for the BTW, it makes me improve my english, it\’s never a bad thing.
    Byye !


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