Golden Prague-Zlata Praha

      Praha je jiste krasne mesto, zvlastniho teskneho zcernaleho kouzla, stare temne nalady, archaisticke, zalehle a zaleskle vune. Mesto, ktere kazdeho, kdo je nazira z asociace historicke, muze dojmout jen elegicky, sedi a plisni a stiny, smytymi, sprselymi barvami, rozrytym cernym zdivem, tichymi zamlklymi nadvorimi palacu, kde jindy zpivala fanfara zivota, pustymi namestimi historickych nazvu a hisitorickych dat, kde mezi oplachlymi kameny puci dnes spicky blede travy. Teskny, priduseny smutek, vybledle vune a rosprchla barva~ takove jsou ty akcenty, jez musicitit kazdy z Prahy skutecne stare a umelecke,- a ty akcenty sahaji prave nejhloubeji myslicimu a citicimu cloveku do duse.        – Jaroslav Seifert
Translation from Czech:
     Prague is certainly a beautiful town, of special blackened wistful magic, old, of a somber mood, an archaic and heavy, daunting scent…Melancholy,  a pensive sadness, faded fragrance and diffused color- such are the accents that everyone must feel from old and artistic Prague- and these accents are the ones that reach deepest into the soul of every thinking and feeling person.
I felt it was time to show a photo of Prague, especially old town and the Castle which dominates it and makes it so pretty. To me, and many others, the gothic architecture is just that, and I have had so many people tell me, who have personally visited it, that if I love castles, which I do, I must go see and experience this city. Someday soon, I will!
The Castle Lady making somedays
come true!

 Praha at night !


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2 Responses to Golden Prague-Zlata Praha

  1. Goumiliov says:

    If you like castles (your nickname is significant) you can come to France ! There\’s a big choice. Prague is really beautiful, I\’ve never seen photos of this town before.


  2. Goumiliov says:

    Hi Evelyn !
    Just a message to tell you good night, here, it\’s more 11 P.M and I\’m going to sleep, I have to work tommorow. To speak on msn, it\’s really hard but I\’m SURE that we\’ll find a moment that arrange both of us. BTW;)) I hope you\’ve got a nice day.
    Good night !


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