The Measure of Love

pour un ami, pour son amie
car j’compris…..
Dalla sua pace la mia dipende quel che a lei piace
vila mirende quel che le incresce morte mi da,
S’ella sospira, sospiro anch’io e mia quell’ira quel pianto e mio,
e non ho bene s’ella non l’ha  e non ho bene …
She is the measure of all my gladness
What gives her pleasure dispels my sadness
My life is over, my light is gone.
When she weeps, I weep beside her
Awake or sleeping, whatever happens
There is no goodness, if she has none
No heaven, if she has none.
Vive l’amour, Le Chateau Demoiselle!




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One Response to The Measure of Love

  1. Goumiliov says:

    That\’s very beautiful Evelyn.
    I\’m going to be disconnected tonight, I know I told we could chat together but I need sleeping a little bit.
    See you later and very soon
    PS : who is the Lorent of the title  ? XD


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