Ardglass: The Ruins of The King’s Castle

     The dilapidated Irish ruins of Ardglass are the remains of large fortresses. At one time the tower depicted below had sisters in Horn Castle and Choud Castle. The tower that remains is called Jordan’s Castle, which was named after Simon Jordan who defended this citadel for three years through the Tyrone rebellion, in the late part of the sixteenth century. It is situated in the harbour town of Ardglass in County Down, North Ireland. In the Barony of Lecale, seven miles (11 KM) northeast of Downpatrick, the village is rundown with very few villagers left and is primarily concerned with the fishing trade. It would be a good day trip from Carrickfergus which is better equipped to handle tourists. You can find out more information on Ardglass on
     My next series of blogs in March will cover more  English Castles and I’ll try to give you something everyday so keep checking in and I will keep you informed of new developments concerning the publication of my castle books. You can look forward to photos and info on Killua Castle, which is also in Ireland in the County of Westmeath and Smailholm Tower in Scotland, as well as photos and info on some of the major castles of England.
Stay tuned.
                                                                       Bore Da!
                                                                     ( Welsh for Goodday, mate!) The Castle Lady

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