Killua Castle and Smailholm Tower

     Killua Castle  in Clonmellan, County Westmeath in Ireland is associated with two very famous people. One is Sir Walter Raleigh and the other is none other than Lawrence of Arabia! Killua was one of two homes associated with the Chapman family who were cousins of Walter Raleigh. A memorial obelisk which sits on the grounds in the distance gives information on the Chapman/Raleigh relationship, and a family cemetery is located behind it. This is the spot where Walter Raleigh planted the first potato in Ireland. If you check out the photos in the album you’ll see that the interior is dangerously in ruins but it still looks intact from a distance. It would be a perfect backdrop for a film.
 Smailholm Tower
     The other single photo in the line up is Smailholm Tower in Scotland. It sits on the farm of Sandy Knowe on a rock strewn knoll. The property was of the progeny of Sir Walter Scott and it was his boyhood home. It’s rather plain, with a gabled roof, and the battlements curiously placed on the sides and not the ends. It is four storied, inside, and some levels have vaulted ceilings. It was immortalized in Scott’s poem, "Marmion". Now there’s something to google!     check out :
       You can see these castles and more in the Scottish and Irish photo albums. Click on the Photos link above !
                          Evelyn     The Castle Lady  
My second March warning: There is no such thing as too many details or too many notes.
                                                                                                      – Evelyn M. Wallace

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