My new non-discovery!

     How many  of  you  out  there  have  discovered TWOP? That  is – Television  Without  Pity? Never  heard  of  it, huh? Well, here  is  the  link so  you  can  check  it  out  for  yourself! Or  you  can  read  on  a  little more  and  get  the  scoop  before  you  check  it  out!
     Television Wihout  Pity is  simply  a  way  to  find  out  about  the  over  one  thousand  TV  shows  on  cable , TIVO,  satellite  or  aliens-ate-my-TV networks (that last  one  is  a  joke  for  the  slow!)  that  you  may  have missed during the week. TWOP gives you a  little  recap of  (and ersatz critiquing of) all  your fav  television  shows. Of  course, if  you  feel  particularly  deprived  why  not  program  your  VCR  to  record  the  bugger  that  you  can’t  live  without?  Just  a  thought.
     Well, most  people  never  miss  "their  show" but  occasionally  when  life  gets  in the  way  of  your  television  watching  you  can  use t his  wonderful  internet device  to  find  out  what  you  missed , with  or  without  the  critique.  Everything  is  written   in  a  professional  way  so  you  won’t  be  reading  some  ranter’s  blog  on  what  they  hate  about  your  favorite   soap  and  the  world  in  general. Many  of the  recaps  are  hilarious  so  if  you   haven’t developed  a funny bone  concerning  your  show, you  may  want  to s kip  it  altogether!
    If  you  do visit  it,  be  prepared  for  the  inevitable. You’re  going  to  be  completely overwhelmed  by  their  database  and  wander  around  aimlessly  for  awhile (used to  be  called  "surfing"!) but  it is  well  worth  it  to  find  out  that , as  I’m  writing this,  there  are  about  951  channels  to  choose  from, in  as  diverse  programming as  C-Span’s  Writing About History (pour Florent!), Starz  will  be  bringing up the  rear  with  The Lord of the Rings (didn’t say which part of the Trilogy, of course!) The Little Zoo that Could will  be  on  Animal  PLanet  and  MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 will  also  be  coming  on  shortly. 
     That  bit  of  information  can  be  seen  in  the  part  of  TWOP and if  that  doesn’t  entertain  you  then  you  just  don’t  know  how  to  live, but  I’ll  bet  you  don’t  weigh  over  150  pounds!
     Sarcasm, just  one  more  service  I  offer!
              The Castle Lady
                    Proverbe du jour:  Teach me to feel another’s woe,
                                                       To hide the fault I see;
                                                       That mercy I to others show,
                                                        That mercy show to me.  -Alexander Pope
               On Monday we’ll go back to the castles of Northwest England. Promise.
                                          Daw Zveedawnya! 

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6 Responses to My new non-discovery!

  1. Evelyn says:

    Tiffany, Don\’t even go there! I\’m telling you right now you\’re barking up the wrong tree and I ain\’t just a whistlin\’ dixie! Next time you go by people\’s monikers double check. I\’m not the only Castlelady but I\’d like you to know that the distinction is: I am THE Castle Lady and this is the only web presence I carry by that name. I\’d also like you to know that I am a strict fundamentalist Christian. Period. Thanks for hearing me out! Over and out.


  2. Goumiliov says:

    Hi !
    Wel, how could we not be curious about this TWOP when we read your article ?!!! I\’m going to visit the site, it seems quite interesting.
    For your comments, I\’m going to answer you. Gagspo (his nickname is G@ET too) has been fired by his miss :). He is quite in a bad and began to drink 😐 !!! … I\’m quite sad for him but that\’s a friend, a real one and I\’m trying to help him each day.
    A manga is a "Bande dessinée" but done by japenese. It\’s often smaller and the drawing are very different than a typical drawing. You have to try YOUR manga. There are so many subjects abording in mangas that you must find YOURS. Me, that\’s vampires, alchemy and religion/devil … That\’s GREAT !! A whole story in mangas is often divided into lots of "tomes" …. it can be 5 books or 50 … depend on the story.
    I recomand you to try to find one, really. Perhaps you\’ll not like it, a friend hate them, but, it\’s good to try. I\’ve began read them … 7 monthes ago … AND I\’M ADDICT !!! XDXDXD Sooooo fun to read and to re read.
    See you soon, I hope.
    Grosses bises. *smacky*


  3. Goumiliov says:

    You\’ll have to tell me more about that "Tiffany" … your history and relation seems to be … chaotic … I like that. There are all kind of people on the net. Sometimes the connexion is good (for us ;-)), sometimes, it\’s not … visibly for T. 😀
    Bye !


  4. Tora says:

    Thanks for stopping by my space and leaving the witty comment about "la computer". I thought the joke hilarious because it\’s mine and my husbands personalities completely.
    peace out, girlscout! ~tora


  5. Goumiliov says:

    I asked for your breton sentences … well, for "Krouin ma c\’hont post elektronek", my grand parents, speaking breton perfectly, didn\’t know what that means. BUT, for Pennarbed, it means "le bout du monde" … the end of the world.
    Here it is !
    See you.


  6. Goumiliov says:

    Hi !
    I saw "la computer" … really fun, and I agree with you, it\’s definitly feminine XD.  Thanks for the quotes too, they are going to be used a day or an other 😉
    But, I havne\’t understand your comment about "l\’esprit d\’escalier", what is that ? Could you explain me please ? Thaaaanks 🙂
    And, finally, thanks for the photos 😀
    See you later.


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