In Loving Memory

Of my Aunt Florence 
The original poem in French can be found on the March 22nd entry
and the translation is below:
The Cut Rose 
With liveliness, she has been dancing
on the walls, down the stairs
dancing and entering
in your heart, through your eyes.
She laughs and sings
in your ear
in happiness and loudly 
repeats, "friend! lover? friend!" 
hee hee, hee hee
A careless gardener, blinded by fury
shoots her down with one whack!
By evening, she lays on the ground
emveloped in her own scent
she is dying
and doesn’t know
she is dying alone.
Good morning heartache
and goodbye.
The scent of the living rose
is so
different from the rose that is cut.
by Evelyn M. Wallace
March 22, 2006
Note: This poem was originally written for my friend in Brittany, France, Florent,
but has become a fitting tribute to my Aunt Florence, in loving memory. God rest her soul.
Great I call the elusive. The elusive I call the far. The far I call the returning.
                                                                 – Laozi

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One Response to In Loving Memory

  1. Evelyn says:

    The second image is the last birthday card given to me by Florence. A real treasure.


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