Desole’ Indeeed

Meeting a friend unexpectedly can make the world seem small
but losing one can make it seem enormous!  
                                                      – Ashleigh Brilliant                                            
 Villandry is coming tomorrow with more photos than I have ever posted for an entire English County. What can I say? I love le Chateau de Villandry and you will see why tomorrow! This gives me one week to cover the rest of North England. OY VAY! 
 The Castle Lady loves you !
Happy Birthday, Daddy !    
Mi gusta los hombres se comporten como bueno hombres.


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4 Responses to Desole’ Indeeed

  1. Goumiliov says:

    The pictures of michael kenna are photos, yes, but they seem like painting 😉
    Beautiful, that\’s true.
    See you.


  2. Richard says:

    hi sweetheart i love the way you write and i really like the way you look i we\’ll like to know more about you my e-mail address  is open for u……


  3. Goumiliov says:

    Hi ! Thanks for the comments. For the advertissements, the details are gonna be online when … when this advertissement is gonna be over -_-. I haveen\’t got a lot of time, it gonna be shoooort, very short ! I love working under pressure 😉
    Good night !


  4. Foremann says:

    hi miss sorry for my disparition but i didn\’t have time to be connected for many reasons (studies, family, girlfriend…….) and I think that I won\’t have many time to do it in the early future… When I correspond with you it was in a holiday\’s time, but now I\’m working eight hours per day and internet became secondary…I hope that you understand…You seems to be very sympathic and maybe we\’ll correspond again but for now it\’s useless to quote comments on my blog because there is no chances that I read them before many times…So good bye miss castle lady, have a web session lol++


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