The Publication of my book “Robinson and Crawford County”

     For all of you tapping your feet and saying, "Hmmm. Where are those Yorkshire entries she promised?" have no fear! They are forthcoming and you will be overwhelmed by this information no matter how concise I am!  Yorkshire has so many castles I am overwhelmed myself.
      Not only that, my book "Robinson and Crawford County" is being unleashed on the public tomorrow and I will probably get groomed until no one will recognize me when I go back! Click on Illinois to find !
     Needless to say, I won’t be able to do much on the internet tomorrow, but a promise is a promise. When Yorkshire, which will be in a four part series, shows up on this LIVE SPACE you won’t believe your eyes. She’s a gooorgeous-oso! oo la la!
     A little more patience please and be prepared to get your socks knocked off! (It was getting too hot for them anyway!  XD )
                                                                 Ciao for now!  The Castle Lady 
                                                       vue,  mon lionceau , pour toujours !  

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