Magna Carta- From Runnymede to Washington, D.C.

     Today marks a milestone in history that will guarantee a principle that the entire free world lives in constant fear of losing. I had a history teacher in high school who put forth the thought in his classes that freedom will always have to be fought for no matter the shore you reside within. I believe he was right.
     Back in 1215 on this date England’s King John was forced to put his seal to the Magna Carta at Runnymede in England by the Barons, which guaranteed specific civil and political liberties. It paved the way for the American Constitution and her various amendments.
     I believe that personal freedoms will always have to be pursued, no matter what a current political clime is in any country. Many appear to be free while activists are busy eroding those freedoms. Activism exists for a reason, oppression of one group over the other, regardless of who is the minority and who is the majority. If you reside in a country that allows voting of its political leaders by the people, you owe to yourself and your progeneration to get to your poles and vote no matter what you are sacrificing or risking. The lives you save may be more people than you can ever realize within your own life time.
A’ Demain !  The Castle Lady
                    t’aimez cherement!
                                                                                                  Yorkshire tomorrow and that’s a promise!   

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