The Seven Stars

This Indian legend was passed down by the Assiniboin tribe, who were located in the Plains, the very heart of North America. Assiniboin were a branch of the Blackfeet who had occasion to ally themselves with the Piegan in battle against Shoshoni. Assiniboin resided east of the Blackfeet on windswept plains now known as Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The warrior depicted below, Kill Spotted Horse, is wearing his headdress in an unusual style, the feathers being set well back from the brow so as to lie close to the head. Assiniboin used three-pole tethered tipis rather than the four-poles employed by Blackfeet.
There were seven youths on this world. One of them was red-haired. They did not know whether they had any parents. They were having a hard time of it. "What shall we turn into?" they asked one another. One said, "Let us change into the earth." The one named Ksabe’ (the wise one) said, "No, verily the earth is mortal, it gets caved in." Then another one said, "Let us become rocks."
     "No, they are destructible, they all break asunder."
     A third one said, " We must change into big trees, into very big ones." "No, they are perishable, when there is a storm they are blown down."
     Again one of them said, "Let us change into water."
     "No, it is destructible, it dries up completely."
     The Fifth said, "Let us change into the night,"
     "No, the night is fleeting, soon the light appears again."
     The sixth boy said, "Let us be the day,"
     "No, it is fleeting, when the sun disappears, it is dark once more,"
     The Wise-one said, "The blue sky above is never dead, it is always in existance. Shining things live there. Such we shall change into. In that region let us dwell."
     Well, so they do. The smallest of them took them up, hoisting them by means of his spider web. He set three on one side and three on the other, seating himself in the middle, threw it down, and gave it to the spider.
The Castle Lady S.T.W.A.K.
                                                   The breeze of love blows for an hour and makes amends for the ill winds of the whole of a lifetime.
                                                                                                                -Naguib Mahfouz

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One Response to The Seven Stars

  1. Evelyn says:

     Wopila tanka pour t\’amitie Ty-Ty! Causerie bientot!
                                                                    Le Chateau Demoiselle ;   )   >bises<


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