Remember Sniglets?

Anatomical Sniglets
(for the unapprised!)
Chingrip n. Area where chin meets neck. Used for holding pillow when slipping on pillowcase.
Gimplexus n. Rear area of thighs, which must be peeled from car seat on hot summer days.
Glarpo n. The juncture of the ear and skull where pencils are stored.
Gnarmblum n. The dry wrinkly area at the end of the elbow.
Gromaxes n. Inside area of knees used to grip steering wheel when holding a road map.
Nugloo n. Single continuous eyebrow that covers entire forehead.
Scrabitch n. Impossible-to-reach area in middle of back which can never be scratched. (actually, I can reach it. I’m doubled jointed! XD)
Sniffleridge n.Trough leading from the nose to the upper lip.
Swazna n. The thin, disgusting membrane that connects the bottom of the tongue to the top of the jaw, presumably to hold it in place.
Yink n. One strand of hair that is supposed to cover a bald spot.
from the book by Rich Hall
Hope this is gross enough for you! 
The Castle Lady
will be on better behaviour by next week!         


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2 Responses to Remember Sniglets?

  1. B. says:

    I like this blog!!!! ; ) thanx so much for your visit in my space!!! 😀
    bye!!! Mirco ; )


  2. Unknown says:

    bonjour , j\’ai beaucoup pensé à ta belle poésie " LA ROSE COUPéE "
    c\’est très beau , et c\’est aussi une vraie poésie , parce qu\’elle est triste , mais on a envie de la relire …
    c\’est aussi un chant , une élégie ….je t\’imagine la lire , mais aussi la chanter sur une mélodie douce et nostalgique…
    tu es une vraie poétesse , parce que tu arrives à rendre beau une blessure..
    je viendrai souvent te rendre visite …merci aussi beaucoup pour ton idée d\’écrire parfois en français
    à moi d\’essayer d\’écrire en anglais pour toi.
    avec beaucoup d\’amitiés et de tendresse.


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