Wildflower by Skylark

 Pour Gaetan qui ne connu jamais…                             my new web site : www.ilovecastles.com 
 She’s faced the hardest times you could imagine and many times her eyes fought back the tears
     And when her youthful world was about to fall in
Each time her slender shoulders bore the weight of all her fears
     And a sorrow no one hears still rings in midnight silence in her ears.
Refrain: Let her cry for she’s a lady
let her dream for she’s a child
let the rain fall down upon her
She’s a free and gentle flower, growing wild
And if by chance I should hold her,
Let me hold her for a time.
If allowed just one possession,
I would pick her from the garden to be mine
Be careful how you touch her for she’ll awaken and sleep’s the only freedom that she knows,
And when you walk into her eyes you won’t believe
the way she’s always paying for a debt she never owes
And a silent wind still blows that only she can hear and
she goes….   (refrain)
Song written by Richardson and Edwards of Skylark
Originally released to the U.S. airwaves January 1973
From the heartThe Castle Lady

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3 Responses to Wildflower by Skylark

  1. Goumiliov says:

    Aveuscrinechote means "je veux screenshot", it\’s for the game ^^
    Agree, it was a very nice chat tonight ^^.
    See you later


  2. Gagzpo says:

    Merci beaucoup pour cette chanson. C\’est très gentil.


  3. Evelyn says:

    The pleasure is all mine Gaet. J\’ai heureusement quand tu es heureuse!
                                         Je t\’embrasse bien fort!  Evelyn  >k<


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