Wisdom from Janusz Korszak

 Janusz Korszak, although a humanitarian, was a Jewish-born atheist most of his life. Although his diary showed no indication of a change in philosophy I found this curiously uncharacteristic piece of writing in the middle of one of his journal entries which was published in the book, Ghetto Diary. It gives me hope that anyone can receive salvation. As my grandmother used to say," Once a Jew, always a Jew."  XDD
For in the hour of reckoning I am not inside a solitary cell of the saddest hospital in the world
but surrounded by butterflies and grasshoppers,
and glowworms,
and I hear a concert of crickets and a soloist high up in the sky-
the skylark.
Merciful Lord!
Thank you, Merciful Lord, for the meadow and the bright sunsets, for the refreshing evening breeze
after a hot day of toil and struggle.
Thank you, Merciful Lord, for having arranged so wisely to provide flowers with fragrance,
glowworms with the glow,
and make the stars in the sky sparkle.
How joyous old age is.
How delectable the silence.
How sweet the repose.
Man is so immeasurably blessed with Thy gifts,
whom Thou hast created and saved…
And humor too…
        If you want to check your resistance to madness, try to help a shlemiel. – Janusz Korszak
              As always, nothing but love from The Castle Lady!

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2 Responses to Wisdom from Janusz Korszak

  1. Evelyn says:

     Perhaps I should explain what a shlemiel is for the non-Yiddish world! A shlemiel is quite simply the person who knocks over his soup, if he invests in one stock the others will rise and his stock will crash. If a shlemiel falls on his back he will break his nose. A shlemiel will make a bad bargain or make a foolish bet.
                                             The Castle Lady XD >k<


  2. Vala87 says:

    Hello! It\’s nice your blog! If you want, come into mine…bye bye!


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