England’s Most Bizarre Museum- Thackerary Medical Museum

     If you take another look at the West Yorkshire photo album you’ll see the award-winning Thackerary Medical Museum.
     This summer, Denver hosted one of their exhibits called "Bodyworks". These exhibits show various  human bodies without the skin, exposing muscles, tendons, bones and more. It is as fascinating as it is rather macabre, to say the least, and unforgettable!
     All of the exhibits are interactive here and keep young and old amused. One exhibit depicts the slums of Victorian Leeds and you can see how they lived, their treatment for various ailments and even help "Mrs. Hirst" with her 12th child and try changing a nappy (diaper).
    For more info call: 0113 244 4343      Beckett Street, Leeds, W. Yorkshire LS9 &LN   U. K.
  Proverbe du Jour:
Le francais c’est la langue meme des dieux, la seule dans laquelle un homme puisse laisser entre a’ une femme qu’il l’aime.
-Maurice Bedel
Mais un question restant…………..fait il l’aime cette femme ou pas?  
 The Castle Lady with answers …not questions ! 
   Cute ! But ten year old wisdom may not stack up for those experienced enough  
                 to know if they can’t make you cry, they can’t make you laugh       
       and if they can’t make you yell, they’ll never make you sing !                  

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7 Responses to England’s Most Bizarre Museum- Thackerary Medical Museum

  1. Ste says:

    Hi Evelyn,
              I\’ve added a couple of Castle / stately home pics to the "Me & my shadows" album in my space. I thought this was the easiest way to let you see (and take) them. The three pics entitled "hammer" are shots from the main entrance of Oakley Court. This building was used in many Hammer Horror films and TV shows, because of its obvious Gothic Architecture. The picture entitled "Oakley Court", is one I took from the internet to show you the whole of the building. The other shot, "Windsor Castle" is just that. A shot of Windsor Castle taken from a bridge over the River Thames. All my pictures were taken whilst on a tour of film locations in Windsor, just outside London. Please feel free to take them (except the one from the web, to which I have no rights) These are all I have on my PC at the moment, but I\’m sure I have other pictures laying around somewhere.
    Love & Laughter to you,


  2. Evelyn says:

    Hey! Thanks for the help Steve! I\’ll check it out. May I assume that you live in the area of Oakley Court? I have lots of resources in the form of Johansen and Hudson\’s guides for England and environs but I find some of my best finds are through people, the internet and just plain dumb luck sometimes. I also have collected Castle books since I was a young teenager. Thanks for any and all help. BTW I enjoyed your web site.
                                                                                             Evelyn, The Castle Lady Cheerio and spit-spot! ;  )


  3. Goumiliov says:

    Thank you ^^ I understand our friendship and I\’m happy to know its existence.
    Don\’t worry, if something was wrong with anything, you would know it ^___^ But, it\’s not my fault !
     I\’m happy, so, nothing sad to say XD
    See you.


  4. Bernard says:

                                 i\’m stéphanie
                                                       from canada!!!
                             you have a nice space…
                                                                  very good
                                                                                   i hope to meet you in mine….
    la fureur


  5. Vala87 says:

    Thanks for your friendship..! I\’m happy and I accept this! Bye…see you!


  6. Evelyn says:

    Ah! Je voir les copines des poitrines!  C\’est si bon. Je fut le favori d\’un retour bientot. Et bien le bonjour a\’ Stephy. Merci pour les mots sympa!
                                                                                               yvelines    Je t\’embrasse bien fort!


  7. Evelyn says:

    For the puzzled Asian googler: plain dumb luck= random luck Some English expressions are very odd aren\’t they ? ; ) kisses from The Castle Lady August 12, 2009


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