Things of Quality Have No Fear of Time ! ! !


      To my friend, Florent :

     Unlike what the majority of  the world thinks, writing is not typing. It is something much more and the people who make a living at writing have to turn it into an art form if they wish to excel. Here’s an apercu for you- we don’t always write brilliance, either! 


     I personally keep special logs just for my thoughts, and random bits just for myself. I don’t write it in another language because later I want to examine what I was really thinking, believing and hoping for, rather than just taking it like mental garbage. It’s not garbage, it’s as important or may be more important  than any other thoughts we may have. This writing is always for ourselves and those we feel are closest to us. It’s also true that often we would rather be understood by someone in another language rather than the one the English call, ‘their mother tongue’. Not very many people have that opportunity, you know. Sadness is not something we lightly convey, particularly those of us who always look at the lighter side of everything. However, we are just as entitled to be sad as anybody else is, even if one is biologically challenged to do so, such as myself. I have to go into a self-sedate mode that nobody understands but it benefits me. (No. I cannot explain to you how I do it. Willpower is what we call it, but who knows what that really is, compris?   So if “assommé” means this self-sedation which I employ- more power to you, my friend! It is a necessary part of life. Use it when you can and when it hits. Never fight it because that is where all your power to achieve unites the egg with the seed.

      Afraid ? That’s what you need to assassinate. Assassinate that fear as quickly as possible. It will only paralyse everything you are trying to achieve. Fear is what you need to clean up.  Time? Tell yourself this very often: Things of quality have no fear of time. Write it in your own language as well and make it your motto plaque in your apartment. This has always worked for me. If fear overtakes you no power will be given. You will be conquered by what you cannot defeat.

The Castle Lady  loves you like no other.

Ami? Amie! Ami.  You’d better believe it baby ! 

Fear is proof of a degenerate mind. – Virgil


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4 Responses to Things of Quality Have No Fear of Time ! ! !

  1. Goumiliov says:

    Just one thing .. Thank you. I\’ve understood all yo\’ve written and I\’ve taken notes. This article (I\’ll be back, now) was not a piee of sadness, just a piece of someone very tired and a bit lost because of that. When I\’m tired, I\’m asking myself lots of questions, too many questions. This article had one aim : make my mind works for some minutes, during those minutes, he don\’t ask me lots of questions about the future ^^
    That\’s it. Thank you again for that article.
    Have a nice day.


  2. Evelyn says:

    Oh Florissant, you don\’t have to thank me. This is what friends are for, also they are often a soft place to land when everything and everyone else are nothing but hard places.
                                                                          yvelines >SWAK< he he he!


  3. Bernard says:

                   *hugs*                         *hugs*       *kisses* *kisses*       *kisses* *kisses*     *hugs*          *hugs*  *hugs*          *hugs*  *kisses*              *kisses*              *kisses*   *hugs*                *hugs*               *hugs*     *kisses*                                   *kisses*        *hugs*                               *hugs*           *kisses*                      *kisses*               *hugs*                *hugs*                  *kisses*         *kisses*                     *hugs*     *hugs*                            *kisses*                             *hugs*                               4 u                                 !


  4. Goumiliov says:

    My title is not = I love her and she loves me ^____^, it\’s just a stupid title with lot\’s of M in it, that\’s all. But, thanks for searching what doesn\’t exist : an interpretation of allllllllll I\’m writing.


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