A brief delay of “The Remains of the Yorkshire Days!”

Yes. I know I promised the rest of Yorkshire today but have a heart please! I just lost my brother Patrick to bone cancer and the memorial is tomorrow. You’ll have to wait another day but in the mean time please enjoy this little snippet of humor from Voltaire.
Proverbe du Jour: "In this country it pays well, from time to time, to kill an admiral to encourage the others." -Voltaire
       -observation after the execution of English Admiral John Byng for bungling a seizure of Minorca from the French!
The Castle Lady will be back tomorrow ..
     until then   SMOOOCH!  

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2 Responses to A brief delay of “The Remains of the Yorkshire Days!”

  1. Evelyn says:

    Just in case you\’re wondering who the sleepy little \’gattino\’ or \’chat\’ is- his name is Merlin. He\’s had a year full of tricks he\’s played so he\’s having a little snooze until he feels up to his usual magical self. He would say "Have a nice a day!" if he was awake.
         Say Buona Sera ou Fait des beau reves Merlin. I knew you could. XDD
                                                                                                               The Castle Lady , Evelyn, Evelina ou yvelines


  2. B. says:

    hey evelyn, thanx 4 your msg… 400 pics? it\’s my tribute 4 avril… she\’s my idol 🙂 and new pics\’ coming soon!!!
    bye : ) kiss!!
    ps: thank you for link me in your space!!!! ; )


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