A gypsy and a genius


The Tame Bird and the Free Bird

         a poem
 by Rabindranath Tagore
      Tagore was one of India’s poet-philosophers who illustrated ideas rather than explain his ideas in a heavy manner. It is an oriental tradition and very indicative of the kind of writing we have witnessed in Rudyard Kipling’s work, interestingly enough.
The tame bird was in a cage, the free bird was in the forest.
They met when the time came; it was a decree of fate.
The free bird cries, "O my love, let us fly to the woods."
The caged bird whispers, "Come hither, let us both live in the cage."
Says the free bird, "Among bars, where is there room to spread one’s wings?"
"Alas," cried the caged bird, "I should not know where to sit perched in the sky."
The free bird cries, "My darling, sing the songs of the woodlands."
The caged bird says, "Sit by my side, I’ll teach you the speech of the learned."
The forest bird cries, "No, ah no! Songs can never be taught."
The caged bird says, "Alas for me, I know not the songs of the woodlands."
Their love is intense with longing, but they never can fly wing to wing.
Through the bars of the cage they look, and vain is their wish to know each other.
They flutter their wings in yearning, and sing, "Come closer, my love!"
The free bird cries, "It cannot be, I fear the closed doors of the cage."
The caged bird whispers, "Alas, my wings are powerless and dead."
Proverbe du Jour:
I’m like a bird… I’ll only fly away. I don’t know where my home is…"   -Nelly Furtado
 Bises de le Chateau Demoiselle !  
Intense with longing………
 Un rouge-gorge ( A French robin.)

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