Two Legendary Supercars and One Lean, Mean, “Green” Machine!

     Last year two legendary super cars were revamped not only for styling but for speed and performance. Their details remain unique but now both Ferrari and Corvette are startlingly reminiscent of one another.
     Corvette’s small-block V8 is now sporting a pumped up 6.0 liters which gives it 400 hp with 400 pounds of torque. Its top speed reaches 186 mph officially, and is matching Formula One Champs in reaching 0-60 in a scant 4.1 seconds.
      Even after more than half a century, the curves have sharpened and its  most strikingly changed feature- fixed unit headlamps- are very close to the original design.
     Chevy’s engineers addressed the interior, which needed refinement, however this is where they seemed to cut costs and as a result only the actual added features such as "keyless" door locks and "touch a button and go" are in place. For the price (well under  $50,000 ) it blows it’s competitors off the highway, anyway.
     Now Maranello’s Ferrari, one of the best recognized European sports cars, has taken the 360 Modena to a new level. They chose to change nearly everything starting with the mid-mounted 4.3 liter V8 which puts out 485 hp bringing the car to it’s tested speed of 196 mph, reaching 60 mph officially in 3.8 seconds.
     They have incorporated the Formula One’s interior styling making use of Schedoni leather, aluminum and woven carbon fiber, and the steering wheel- much like the one used by Schumacher-featuring options in which the driver can switch suspension settings quickly.
     Ferrari’s F430 front design still has a fierce face but has taken on the look of the $1 million Enzo Ferrari; under the glass-in the hindquarters-massive intakes of air are handled by an aerodynamic diffuser, which "vacs" the air, causing the car to "hug" the road. It eliminates the need for spoilers such as those that are installed on Porsche.
     However, Ferrari’s tally comes up to a base price of $185,000.
     Now, I told you all that- to tell you this: These cars often average something in the ballpark of 9 miles per gallon in fuel consumption. Since gas prices have been hovering in the area of about $3 per gallon who do you think is making more money? Chevrolet, Mr. Maranello or President Bush?  Maybe a "hot" new green car is the ticket to saving money and having a sporty-looking car!
     Enters the Tesla Roadster! Its maker is based in San Carlos, California and hopes to bring it’s electric wonder to the line-up not just with sexy styling but it’s 248 hp goes from 0-60 in four seconds, uses a lithium-ion battery and will cover 250 miles on a single charge.
     That’s good news for sexy granola-munching tree-huggers who are "doing something"!!!
You’re one step closer to a blissful kiss! The Castle Lady
 which is which ?

Tesla Roadster



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6 Responses to Two Legendary Supercars and One Lean, Mean, “Green” Machine!

  1. B. says:

    hey evelyn,
    thanx so much for your visit… great concert!!! XD evanescence is fantastic ; )
    … i\’m from 50 +/- km to maranello… : ) i don\’t tell you this…


  2. Evelyn says:

    Mirco! You have a Ferrari? Che bel pezzo d\’uomo! XD Seriously??? I\’m moving to Italia!
                                                                                Ciao bello!  Evelina >baci<  ; )


  3. belle says:

    je te souhaite une bonne journee dsl que je comprenne pas ce que tu dit bise marie


  4. Evelyn says:

    Marie! Merci pour ta visite a\’ ma blog. Voila une liste pour toi de ma entrees en Francais: Regarde Nov. 11, Sept 20th Dans le Foret du roi Arthur, May 14th La Fete de Maman et Mar 22 Le Rose Coupee. Aussi il ya nombreaux d\’entrees avers France (en Anglais, desole\’!) avers Le Bretagne, Mar 8 Berthe Morisot, et le Chateau de Chambord January 20!
                                                                                            J\’espere tu l\’aime! yvelines >k<


  5. Ste says:

    Hey there Evelyn,
        I thought I\’d use this quiet time in MSN to pop by and say hi to all those people that I never seem to get around to. Namely everybody. ……Hi……. Hope everything\’s good with you.
    Love & Laughter to you,


  6. Unknown says:

         piccola mia…
        come stai… spero ke tu mi pensi sempre!!!
                                da poter stare nel tuo castello!!!


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