The Balance Challenge

Before this month is over I will be covering more castles and castle hotels in the Manchester region complete with new photos in the album. I’m going through a transition of dealing with different publishers for my castle series starting with "The Castle Lover’s Guide to England and Wales". In the mean time, while you’re waiting for more castle lore, take this physical test which is guaranteed to break the ice at even the most stoic of parties. Before you know it everyone will be laughing and falling on the floor. Clear out the furniture and try them out. Enjoy!
P r e ca rious Pickup
     Place a quarter-sized coin (Steve, something smaller than a sterling schilling will do!) about a foot (30 cm) from a wall, then stand behind the coin with your back and heels against the wall. See if you can pick up the coin without moving your feet. Note: You may want to place someone in front of the challenger especially if he or she has had one too many.
Wall Wobble
     Stand sideways against a wall with one shoulder and one foot touching it. Try to lift your outside foot without falling. Note: Don’t try this in a hallway!
On The Rise
Stand in an open doorway with your nose and chest against the door jamb and your feet on either side of the wall, toes just past the edge. Now try to stand on your tiptoes.
Battle of the sexes
     This is one that will be fun as an ego booster for one particular sex. I won’t say which one yet. Alternately, have first a woman then a man try this perplexing challenge. The person will stand facing a wall with a chair turned any way in front of them. Have them place the top of their head against the wall, then pick up the chair anyway possible and then lift the chair without removing their head from the wall. Men will be unable to do this, but women will have no problem and it doesn’t matter which way they turn the chair, the result will always be the same.
Explanations! Explanations! XD Well, you probably had some difficulty with almost everyone of these except for the last one because each of these challenges require you to first shift your center of gravity by repositioning your stance. In almost every case the wall prevents you from performing the task which almost makes you tip over. The last one I have no explanation except to say that women were created after men and God obviously gave us something that was crucial to men being able to use their arms when their torso is at rest. Not so with women. ;  )   
The Castle Lady is blowing many kisses your way! 

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