Welcome to the Torture Chamber?

It has sooner than recently come to my attention that escalating violence against women
is not limited to victimization of intellectual movers and shakers who speak out against
atrocities and injustices.
The following account is an excerpt on Barbie Dolls in an American women’s magazine.
Namely, Allure Magazine’s October 2006 English edition.

  Mohawk Barbie
Torture Chamber
The Study: "The Simpsons are cool but Barbie’s a Minger" by reseachers at the University of Bath School of Management in England in 2006 
The Research: Children were questioned about their attitudes toward toys. The authors find that microwaving, maiming, and scalping Barbies (dolls) are all seen as legitimate play activities. 
The Conclusion: "The meaning of Barbie went beyond an expressed antipathy; actual physical violence and torture toward the doll was repeatedly reported, quite gleefully, across age, school, and gender." 
If all this seems a bit alarmist to you here are some facts that may make you think twice about allowing children to engage in destructive activities toward animate or inanimate objects.
      One of the most alarming early boyhood pasttimes of Jeff Dahmer, who is today considered the most heinous murderer of our time, was capturing, torturing and killing small animals both domestic and wild. He grew up to be a serial child molester and murderer. We don’t know if he started with stuffed animals or not. Does it matter? Maybe.
     Family violence accounted for 11% of all reported and unreported violence between 1998 and 2002. Considering all the different forms and amount of violent crimes committed this statistic is alarmingly high.
     The most common form of violence reported by the World Health Organization is that of a male spouse against a female spouse. My note: ( This is often in the presence of their children.)
     Just this Tuesday, December 12, in St. Vincent a twenty one year old woman was returning to her home from work in Kingstown when a machete-wielding assailant pulled her off an idling bus and beheaded her for no apparent reason. A bus load of people watched the spectacle. The woman’s name was Stacy Wilson.
This has started to make me wonder if violence perpetrated against women by women is likely to escalate in the future and, additionally, if this so-called innocent play of children is not perpetuating the idea that women deserve the abuse, torture and eventual deaths they receive at the hands of their so-called "loved ones" or even random assailants. Women should be appalled at this news, not amused by it.
The Castle Lady blows a kiss your way!  
If women were not a force of nature, blind in its strength and capricious in its power, 
they would not be mistrusted.
As it is, one can’t help it….
But man has captured electricity too.
it lights him on his way, it warms his home,
it will even cook his dinner for him-
very much like a woman.
but what sort of conquest would you call it?
He knows nothing of it.
He has got to be mighty careful what he is about with his "captive".
And the greater the demand he makes on it
in the exultation of his pride
the more likely it is to turn on him and burn him to a cinder.
excerpt from Chance    
     by Joseph Conrad

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