The Dragonfly Effect

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When I was quite young and used to visit my cousins over at my maternal Grandmother’s house, I used to see dragonflies dart in and out of the bushes in their backyard. I didn’t know they were dragonflies, and had never seen them anywhere else before.
     The way they looked terrified me , and my cousin Steven, once he saw my reaction to them, proceeded to tell me that these were needle bugs and that when given the opportunity would bore a hole right through a person. This did not assuage my fear, of course, if anything it turned my irrational fear into a full-blown paranoia.
     Even today, much better educated about such things, my reactions to dragonflies are much the same. Every time I see a medium to large size dragonfly my initial reaction is one of immediate flight from the spot. As my rational mind starts to grapple with the reaction I find myself darting around the pesky things. There can’t be any taming of my reaction because my mind was trained from my earliest memories, to flight.
     The Dragonfly effect is one which can be applied to many unexplained or outright irrational dreads, apprehensions or anxieties which plague us in various ways- particularly unguarded moments.
     A curious modern application of the Dragonfly effect is that of societies reaction to benign stimuli such as love. The effect is quite similar. Curiously though, love is unique in its approach, often, and it is highly dependant on one’s perspective. Love is the singlemost phenomenon which can bring misery or happiness to your life (disregarding emotions it might trigger) and it is as unavoidable as trying to avoid an encounter with dragonflies. 
     This sad social disease of avoiding, shunning and outright rejection of not just demonstrations of love but the deeper involvement of behavioral love seems to be epidemic but can be curtailed by teaching children, in early demonstrations to be of awe and wonder and making sure they do not feel intruded upon. The way children are taught about love is the way they will continue to deal with it later in life. The tightest demonstrations being your own and then later the way you demonstrate with others- relatives, friends and even strangers. (The latter may seem odd to most people but is valid because your child will treat complete strangers the same way you do!)
     In conclusion, I would like to say that it has taken my own form of therapy, but I no longer runaway from dragonflies but it took an awful lot of willpower on my part and much visualization to see dragonflies as harmless and not life threatening. There is hope for everyone!
A kiss for my ‘tite libellule! The Castle Lady                                         
"There is only one kind of love,
but there are a thousand different versions."
-La Rochefoucauld
"Love is not only something you feel.
It is something you do."
-David Wilkerson     
    1st Corinthians 13; 4-7            
   Finnish: Se on kaunis – It’s beautiful.

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