In a report from VOM Prayer Watch

     I received this report in my e-mail box this week-end. I have always had a passion for the Chinese people and I enjoy and celebrate their culture. I am not a Buddhist but I do practice some Buddhist health practices- i.e daily yoga practice, I cook Chinese dishes in my home on a regular basis and I am self-studying Chinese language, culture, literature and writing in my spare time. At one time I believed that communism worked well for China, until I understood that many wanted to become Christian -but were discouraged and even persecuted for doing so- despite Government suppression. I have an inherent belief that no government should be able to impose strict laws on the people without their consent. People should be able to be free wherever they live and whoever they are, because that is the way we were made. Man does not live well if he cannot think for himself. – The Castle Lady

 ***  Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Alert   ***

 CHINA: Beijing Elderly Christian Sentenced to 2 Years Imprisonment.
 Beijing house church activist Hua Huiqi’s 77-year-old mother, Ms. Shuang 
Shuying was sentenced to two years by Beijing Chongwen District People’s 
Court on 26 February, 2007 on the charge of willfully damaging public and  private property.

 The court spent only 1 hour hearing the case. Since the trial date was set 
on the first work day after the Chinese New Year period, her lawyer was 
not able to collect any evidence to defend her. She was arrested when she 
walked to the Chongwen district office to seek information about her son 
Pastor Hua Huiqi who was arrested on 26 January. Hua is an active house 
church Christian in Beijing. He has been passionately serving the ministry 
and assisting lots of persecuted Christians and oppressed peasants.  
  This family has been helped by their supporters for their active aid to the oppressed.

 "We are shocked by the injustice done to this elderly Christian lady" said 
Bob Fu who is the former co-worker of Hua, "it definitely represents a new 
low on the so-called rule of law in China especially in the host city of 
2008 Summer Olympics and China Aid Association.
 Continue to pray for the release of Hu Huiqi and Shuang Shuying

  and that the Chinese authorities may show compassion towards Ms Shuying. 
Thank you for being a part of VOM Prayer Watch.
 This news service is part of the ministry of Voice of the Martyrs, Australia.
 Mailing address: PO Box 250 Lawson NSW 2783
 Phone: 02 47593700 Fax: 02 47593711
May God bless you as you pray!
Guess who’s always going to love you true?
The Castle Lady that’s who! 
       xin nian kuai le`,  gong xi fa ca`i, zhu nian hao yu`n!  Hello to my friend Swan! A link for you:



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2 Responses to In a report from VOM Prayer Watch

  1. fred says:

    hello man
    je vien te souhaiter un jolie week end
    sincerement frederic petit cupidon


  2. Unknown says:

    God bless you!!!
    There is a lot of persecution in
    the arabic church in Egypt….please pray for them.


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