Hear Me Cry

I first heard the following lyrics on an Asian MSN Space when I first started this blog back in November of 2005. I recommend that you check the link I’ve set down below so you can hear it because you’ll appreciate it more, I believe. The lyrics by themselves will not show you how heart-wrenching the song really is, and the gentle spirit who wrote it is more ‘visible’ if you get the whole experience. Any really, truly wonderful person whose ever been fed their own heart on a platter will understand it. To those brave souls, I give a nod and a wink, and say what my grandmother repeated very often: This too, will pass.  –The Castle Lady
You couldn’t say…. needed someone new
You actually thought … deep inside I knew
Can you tell me… how can you say
Why this should suffice
You passed me by… and your heart as cold as ice
(you passed me by)
Did you see me cry?
(did you ask yourself  why?)
Did you see me cry ?
(did you ask yourself how?)
Can you hear me cry?
(did you ask yourself)
Will we ever grow apart?
You, you couldn’t say…needed someone new
You actually thought…deep inside I knew
I wonder where we will go…will we be the same?
(you passed me by)
I laugh inside…I think of you and the love we made
(you passed me by)
Tell me why this should suffice, I hold you through the night
Now I will let it go…soon I’ll let it go
Can you hear me cry?
(will you ask yourself why?)
Can you hear me cry?
(will you ask yourself how?)
Can you hear me cry?
(will you ask yourself?)
Will we ever grow apart?
You, I’ll stand by your side, I’ll be there for you
(you passed me by)
You, I’ll stand by your side, please just do it right
(you passed me by)
You, I’ll stand by your side
I’ll be there for you
Recorded for the asian soap opera The Love Generation (Cagnet)
The Castle Lady sends you oodles and oodles of canoodles!
Passion will obscure our sense so that we eat sad stuff and call it nectar.
-W.C. Williams
The only true test of the depth of a love is the times, hardships, starvations and lack
that it lives through. Don’t fall in love with a man who has low self-esteem.
– Evelyn M. Wallace  Sept. 2006

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4 Responses to Hear Me Cry

  1. B. says:

    hey evelyn… thanx x your visit in my space… avril\’s video is beautiful… avril is beautiful!!! ; ) i don\’t know… reply at your quest… green beer? … i search it… ; ) kisses for you!!! : )


  2. Unknown says:



  3. Evelyn says:

     Hey Mirco! Green beer well, you have to be Irish to drink or know what it is, actually I still don\’t know what it is but you know when you\’ve lost it!!! Bwa ha ha. Nice to see you on my space. I liked the Avril song but the video is so un-Avril, you know what I mean?
                                                                           Chiak a domani??? a presto!  Evelina >baci<


  4. Evelyn says:

    This is still the most poignant pop song I’ve ever heard besides Frank Sinatra’s You and Me and I hope this song makes a comeback. It deserves that kind of a following.


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