You and Me

     Some years ago I heard lyrics in two separate films in which it was obvious that the singer was Frank Sinatra. The title of it was obvious because he repeats it quite a few times but it has become the most elusive track of music I’ve ever tried to find. One film it appeared in was "Irreconcilable Differences" with Shelly Long and Drew Barrymore. Over the years, I’ve left no stone unturned  but I still haven’t found the CD, LP or MP3 of it. The lyrics are on the internet but not the actual music. It’s a great song. If you want to hear it, get the DVD or VHS tape of "They All Laughed". It was directed by Peter Bogdanovich and was the last vehicle that Dorothy Stratten, the ill-fated ex-Playmate, acted in and with an aplomb unmatched by other ex-Playmates. This following song runs during the film at the roller skating scene and also, hauntingly, at the end of "Irreconcilable Differences":
You and me, we wanted it all…we wanted it all
Passion without pain, sunshine without rainy days
We wanted it always
You and me, we reached for the sky, the limit was high
Never giving in, certain we could win that prize
I should have seen it in your eyes
*Look how all our dreams came true
See how I’ve got me and, baby, you’ve got you
Through it all, just one thing died
A little thing called love, something deep inside
You and me, we’re not like the rest, we once were the best+
Back when we were dumb, how did we become so smart
And learn to break each other’s hearts?
+But look what we became, isn’t it a cryin’ shame
That we almost made it?
But we wanted it all
Baby, you and me
We wanted it all
The Castle Lady wants to make your dreams
come true, too! 
Un ami francaise unfois me de’cris comme ca:
"Evelyne, une Lady comme on en fait plus de nos jours. Un condense’ de bonne manieres, de culture, d’intelligence, d’humour et de tout ce qui faut pour melanger tout ca." Avec ca, J’ajoutais cette je suis seulement un etre humaine.
C’est ca.
Every soul is a melody which needs renewing.
-Stephane Mellarme’ French essayist and poet (1842-1898)

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