Basketball Jones

     This song was written by Richard A. "Cheech" Marin and Thomas Chong, better known as Cheech y Chong by the American fans. This song was on their album Los Cochinos. Barry White and Chris Rock have done their own version of the bouncy classic for the cartoon movie Spacejam which featured Michael Jordan.
                                                         Basketball Jones 
Basketball Jones, I got a Basketball Jones
Got a Basketball Jones, oh baby, oo ooo ooo
Yes, I am the victim of a Basketball Jones
Ever since I was a little baby, I always be dribblin’
In fac’, I was de baddest dribbler in the whole neighborhood
Then one day, my mama bought me a basketball
And I loved that basketball
I took that basketball with me everywhere I went
That basketball was like a basketball to me.          XD
I even put that basketball underneath my pillow
Maybe that’s why I can’t sleep at night
I need help, ladies and gentlemens
I need someone to stand beside me
I need, I need someone to set a pick for me at the free-throw line of life
Someone I can pass to
Someone to hit the open man on the give-and-go
And not end up in the popcorn machine
So cheerleaders, help me out
(cheerleaders sing repeatedly)
Basketball Jones , I got a Basketball Jones
I got a Basketball Jones, oh baby, oo oo ooo
(while Tyrone Shoelaces ( XD ) sings/speaks…)
Oh, that sounds so sweet
Sing it out
C’mon Coach Booty, Red Blazer, sing along with me
That be bad, honky
I want everybody in the whole stadium to stand up and sing with us
Oh yeah, sing it out like you’re proud
All right, everybody watchin’ coast-to-coast, sing along with us
Bill Russell, sing along with us
Chick Hearn, sing along with us
Chris Schenkel, don’t sing nothin’  XD
Oh, it feels so good
Gimme the ball
I’ll go one-on-one against the world, left-handed
I could stuff it from center court with my toes
I could jump on top of the back board, take off a quarter, leave fifteen cents change
 I could,
I could dribble behind my back I got more moves than Ex-Lax
I’m bad I could dribble with my tongue
Here I go down court, try to stop me
You can’t stop me cause I got a Basketball Jones Here I come
That’s my hook shot with my eyebrow
Yeah, I could dunk it with my nose I’m
I’m bad as King Kong, gimme the ball I’m hot
I’m hot as…
I’m hot as….
I’m hot as…
uh, uh , uh, uh
Basketball Jones, I got a Basketball Jones
The Castle Lady
will always give it her best shot!  

I made 25 out of 30 shots on April 10th. My best score yet! Yaaooowzaaah! ;  )
Thought for the Day: Chance favors only the prepared mind. -Louis Pasteur

   She shoots! She scores again!  The crowd goes wild !  !  !  !  XD

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4 Responses to Basketball Jones

  1. DJ says:

    Gros bisous à toi mon Evelyn !


  2. Anne Catherine says:

         Hello dear
    George michael is in Paris the 22 june ( stade de france ) and i already have my ticket ,
    and the 12 june i am also going to see Aerosmith in Germany also have my ticket ,
    I am toooooo happy !!!
    Take care and hope to hear from you soon again …
             Hugs & kisses
           Anne – catherine *


  3. stefan says:
    voici le lien a metre dans le media player pour radio-star


  4. Evelyn says:

     Bonjour Tout le Monde!   XD
         Donc en haut avers mes paniers victoires! Coucou Ty ty, Kate et bienvenue Stefan! Merci a` toi pour le lien. Va a` essaie!
                                                                                                       Bon bisous! Le Chateau Demoiselle


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