The hits just keep coming and coming….

   Today my blog reached 5,722 hits since its inception! I’m very excited that I’ve reached a readership in those numbers! Many of you visit and don’t comment. Don’t think for one minute I would discount the humblest of viewpoints. That is why I am doing this, to elevate and educate! Thanks so much for stopping by and having a read and a look!
                                                The Castle Lady
                                    sending her warmest regards and a
                                         big hug and kiss!
 Thought for the day : Peace goes into the making of a poem as flour goes into the making of bread. – Pablo Neruda

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9 Responses to The hits just keep coming and coming….

  1. Evelyn says:

     Please feel free to check out my photo albums which are way down on the bottom of the home page here. I have a new album for some photos of castles I\’m going to cover this month plus there are new Nuggets photos in their album with many coming! I\’ve also added a few more angels to the Angels album. You can never have too many of those, huh? XD looool Sorry about the duplications. It couldn\’t be helped and besides- you wanted to look at that one again, anyway, didn\’t you? loooool
                                                                                      Evelyn, The Castle Lady  XXXX OOOO  bisous, besos, kuessen et al 


  2. kïrstin says:

    5,723 now.  🙂
    thanks for the visit! nice space you have here. i like castles… think it would be grand to live in one. an old one, by the sea. my cats would love all the extra room!
    i didnt find your \’this little light of mine\’ entry. maybe you can leave me a link to it, and i can read it. respect isnt something i demand, anyway. not reguarding faith. i know Whom i have believed, and am persuaded he is able to keep that which i have commited unto Him. i respect the Word of God, and i try to walk in love toward people. youre right about being respectful to others, and listening to them like you want to be listened to. people want to be taken for real. i want my life to be a testimony first.
    hope you come back again!
    s. lizard♫


  3. DJ says:

    Yes Manowar is a good old man groups heavy metal. I have makes this ticket for a buddy but i like to listen to well this musical style of time to other. To thank you as say as my misadventure is pretty. I kiss you my soft Evelyn. Good day with you and soon.


  4. Evelyn says:

     Mr DJTYTY! Longtemps pour pas de causerie! Bientot, j\’espere! Tu sais un bon lien pour Windows Media Player. Je trouve ne lien travaillez pour moi! C\’est frustrant! A une fois j\’eu radio d\’Italie mais il ne travail pas, nonplus! Je quitter l\’Media Player!! Aidez-moi! XD 
                                                                             Yvelines >bonbisous<
       Silvery Lizard! My goodness we both need shorter monikers! XD  Glad to hear from you! I\’ll find the link and send it along to you! I don\’t know if my life is much of a testimony but I never fail to open my mouth for God when He asks!  Later, Dude!  big kiss!


  5. DJ says:

    Bisous mon Evelyne chérie… Tu veux quelle musique pour ton média-player ? Bon weekend à toi.


  6. thunder says:

    Hello Evelyn thank you for your visit to me magnificent your space I would miss not to return home tres soon my best regards to you 


  7. Evelyn says:

    Hey Dorian! I like your Live Space! I think I\’m going to try one of your hard rock links. I haven\’t seen any for the Scorpions. I think I\’ll try one. Merci tres bien!
                                                                Tchao a` tout mes amis!   The Castle Lady >bon bisous<


  8. jeannine says:

    Désolée, mais merci beaucoup pour ta venue sur mon blog, je ne peux malheureusement pas lire ce qu\’il y a dans le tien, je te remercie pour les efforts que tu fais pour écrire en français;
    bonne semaine à toi


  9. Evelyn says:

    Bonjour J.C. et bien le bonjour a` ma Castle Lady site. Si tu prefere Francais mieux entre libre a` ( ma blog en Francais, seulement, avec Anglais traduction). Quelques fois J\’ecrit en Francais dans celui-ci particulairement les poemes. Aussi pour MATITE . Merci pour ton visite et j\’aime bien tien, c\’est tres joli.
                                                                                 Le Chateau Demoiselle ( Le Demoiselle de la Chateau!) Yvelines  ;  )


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