Caserta Castle of Italy

The Castle of the Bourbon King
Charles III
     If you check out my new photo album " More Castles" the first in the line up is Caserta Castle which resides in old Campania which is inland from the Tyrrhenian sea outside Naples. I described the fascia of it in my (so-called) daily journal.  You can read that by clicking on this link                                                        
      It is the Reggia (which means Royal Palace) and has been referred to as the Versailles of Naples. It is open for visitors Tuesdays through Sundays. Just to give you some background of this romantic wonder, it was designed by Luigi Vanvitelli in 1752 and took 22 years to complete. It is a rather large building housing five floors, a length of 249 meters and connected by 34 glorious stairways. It is of course classical architecture which gives it 2,000 windows and has no less than 1,200 rooms.
     The crowning touch is the magnificent extensive landscaped grounds. No doubt this is the reason it is compared to Versailles and if you visit it you may even run into a prince or two ! How’s that for romantic??
      The Castle Lady sends you off with
a kiss and a hug!
Questo appuntamento e’ dedicare da lui che celebre un compleanno recentamente.
Molti baciari, mi amante!
Tomorrow you will see and read about the magnificent French Chateau de la Rochepot and many others to finish off my romantic castles month. Phew! Just in time!  You can preview the photos in the More Castles album, too.

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  1. thunder says:

    hello Evelyn it is an enormous pleasure of coming at home your space is superb and the eyes come out filled with wonder my friendships from it have and continue you has to enchant us.


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