After a While

I found the following poem in a book of poetry written by the NBA all-star and hall-of-fame award winner, Alex English. The book’s title is "If I Show You My Tenderness", and this poem (written to a seventeen year old by the name of Shezelle) was my favorite:
After a while we learn that kisses aren’t contracts and presents aren’t promises.
And soon we realize that love doesn’t mean friendship
and friendship doesn’t mean security.
After a while we learn to keep our heads high and our eyes open when difficulties arise.
And we accept our defeats with the grace of an adult
and not the grief of a child.
Soon we must learn to build a road today because the future grounds may crumble our plans.
So build your own road and plant your own garden
instead of waiting for people to bring you flowers
or help your future.
And after all of this we’ll learn that we really can
make things happen…
that we really can be strong….
and you really do have a worth.
Thank you, Alex, for writing such a beautiful poem. I hope you don’t mind me using it in my Live Space but it touched my heart and I wanted you to know that just because poetry doesn’t get much applause, it doesn’t mean that you haven’t touched someone with it. Life has many critics but its lovers recognize and always reward those who are paying attention. I wanted you to know I was paying attention.
          Proverbe du Jour: One reason a dog makes for a best friend is because his tail wags instead of his tongue!
Kisses to one and all from The Castle Lady!
Tomorrow, Orava Castle in Slovakia!

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3 Responses to After a While

  1. thunder says:

    hello Evelyn your space is always also superb with reading I would not fail to return soon my friendships has you.


  2. Evelyn says:

    Hi Dorian! Thanks so much for your wonderful compliments. They are very encouraging. I very much like your space as well. Hey! Maybe we can chat sometime. Have your service call my service. XD Just kidding. You can add me to messenger. My e mail is on the back of my contact card.
                                                                                                   Evelyn, The Castle Lady   >kisses<


  3. momo says:

    tres jolie image de fee clochette
    je te laisse mon mail si tu veux me parler faire une causeie

    gros bisous

    gros bisous a toi aussi ingrid
    bonne semaine



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