Dolce far Niente


Dolce far Niente

Oggi, I svegli a una mondo
ho di che tornare cessare
Movimenti mi potente ho possedi
l’forza di Caduceus
Tutto trasformarsi essensi grande
e tutti pensieri
converti a ideari esplosivo di dolcissimo
I sospiri per tempo senza fretta con ti
da dolce far niente
Anche nostro carezzi piccoli
espandere da grande esteso
gesticolari di lentamente, languori
pomeriggi con fare l’amore
sotto espanzioni di seta come
fazzoletti quale stenderi
entro di eternita’…..
by Evelyn M. Wallace
May 16, 2007
All rights reserved
 The Castle Lady te amo  e molti baci per tutti !
"The soul is characterized by these capacities; self-nutrition, sensation, thinking and movement."



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10 Responses to Dolce far Niente

  1. Gerry says:

    Hi Evelyn
    Thanks for dropping by the other day. I don\’t understand much Italian, but your poem sounds good.
    God bless


  2. Evelyn says:

    Hi Gerry! I love to read your entries but I don\’t always have time to comment. I just had to add to that because abortion is what I call the second holocaust that everyone in the world seems to think is justified. It really gets me on my soapbox! BTW, anyone that would like the translation of this poem I can send in English right away. I wrote it in English but was thinking of an Italian friend when I wrote it. Hense, the translation. I believe it was meant to be in Italian. French or German translations will take a little longer but will be sent eventually! ;  )
                                                 God bless you as well!    Evelyn , The Castle Lady


  3. Anne Catherine says:

    Hello ,
    I came to wish you a wonderful sunny sunday …
    I hope everything well with you ?
    Please take care …
                Hugs & Kisses
              Anne – catherine *


  4. Anne Catherine says:

    Hello ,
    I came to wish you a wonderful sunny sunday …
    I hope everything well with you ?
    Please take care …
                Hugs & Kisses
              Anne – catherine *


  5. belle says:

    coucou je passee te souhaite une bonne nuit et te fait un gros bisous marie


  6. ¢αηєℓℓє★ says:

    Hi evelyn;-)thanks a lot for all your comments in my space! i came here many times but i couldn\’t write a comment cause of "bug"with msn:-( so today i\’m here and i\’m writing you lol!! very nice here….i hope you\’re fine,i send you a lot of kisses!XoxO…..see you soon bye


  7. Unknown says:

    Dear Sis:
    Nice to see you again.I hope you are filled with
    peace and happiness from above.I pray The Lord JesusChrist
    bless you and your household for His Glory and praise.


  8. belle says:

    je vient te souhaite un bon we malgre la pluie
    mais bon on se reposera
    bisous marie


  9. Evelyn says:

    Coucou Marie! J\’ai adore\’ t\’dernier billet sur ta blog! J\’aime bien la rose et les bouton s\’attirant! Esp. les Queen Elizabeth\’s qui orner ma maison! J\’espere une WE plein de soleil pour toi!
                                                                                   yvelines >plusiers des bisous< 
    Everybody have a wonderful Memorial Day WE!


  10. Evelyn says:

    If you are looking for a translation to Dolce far Niente you\’ve come to the right place. This poem is MY baby and I wrote it originally in English and then wrote it in Italian for my friends. Dolce far Niente is an Italian saying which translates in English as Sweet Idleness. If you want the rest you\’ll have to e-mail me and I\’ll put it in a future poetry book.
                                  The Castle Lady    molti baci per ti !    


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