Memorial Day Tribute

The following is a tribute written by a good friend of my Mother.
  We Remember


We remember Pearl Harbor

And all the battles fought

Normandy, Bataan, Corregidor, and so many more

We remember the Holocaust

And all the lives that were lost

  We remember VietnamKorea too

The 38th Parallel, Inchon March

They raised high the standard of

The red, white and blue

With family, they had to part, a duty to do

  We remember 9/11

And those who are now in heaven

We remember our heros who said, “Let’s roll!"

Their lives they gave to keep the enemy from their goal

We remember, we won’t forget

  We remember those who gave their all

Those who lost limbs or life

They knew the risk, but heeded the call

That we might hear freedom ring

And the Star Spangled Banner sing

  We thank our Father up above

For all the victories we have won

We remember Him who sent His only Son

To win the war of sin and death

To give us life and eternal rest

  We won’t forget the battles

He has won for us along the way

How He delivered us from darkness into light

And gives us beauty for ashes and new sight

We will remember always to pray

We remember His sacrifice for us each day.

by Willa Wood

Revised May 2007

Thank you to Uncle Willy, Steve and Michael for doing your part!

Hugs and kisses to all! The Castle Lady



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2 Responses to Memorial Day Tribute

  1. Evelyn says:

     I did not forget- you too, John. I\’m praying for you and know you will come out of this just fine. Keep the faith! We all love you!
                                                                                                   Evelyn, The Castle Lady


  2. Ali Koru says:

    thanks for your comment..if u wish we can chat in Turkish than u learn 🙂
    take care yourself…


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