Sudoku- Where did it come from?

     If you are curious to know where the origins of Sudoku began, let me introduce you to Magic Squares. Magic Squares are aggregations of numbers arranged so that the sums of each row, each column, and each diagonal are equal. The simplest form of Magic Square contains the consecutive numbers from 1 to 9 and is aligned in rows, columns and diagonals which add up to fifteen (15):
2  7  6
9  5  1
4  3  8
     The construction of Magic Squares attracted the attention of early mathematicians because such configurations of numbers were supposed to serve as good luck charms or talismans. Later, mathematicians became interested in the Magic Square as a problem in mathematical analysis. Methods have been developed for producing Magic Squares having any number of figures and also for the construction of cubes and other geometrical arrangements with similar properties.
      Have fun inventing your own Magic Squares. If you make some up put it on your blog and alert me to come look. I have always been fascinated by number games.
The Castle Lady, sending numerous affections your way!
Each of these three  symbols below have the same or similar meaning.
Do you know why?  

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2 Responses to Sudoku- Where did it come from?

  1. Bruno says:

    Hi… your space is fantastic, thank you for your comments… a kiss…
    Ah, I am 19… thanks for the "cute"…


  2. Evelyn says:

    Ciao Bruno. Grazie per t\’visita e commenti simpatico. Tu e benvenuto tutto tempi.
                                                                                       The Castle Lady   un baccio per ti!


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