What IS a Diva?

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Very shortly I’ll have a full blown account for you on Derbyshire
and soon Lincolnshire.
Stay tuned for some great news and wonderful stuff!
Who loves ya?  The one, the only Castle Lady, baby!
  Proverbe du Jour: My body is the shape I live in, and it shapes the way I live. – Raquel Welch
           What an inspiration for ALL women! Ciao for now!

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7 Responses to What IS a Diva?

  1. kïrstin says:

    good morning evelyn!
    just stopping by to say hi, and to see if you know of a certain castle. we have a patient at work that visited this place in northern sweden in the \’60s, and it was then owned by a certain karl axel bergengren. he didnt know the name of the castle. however, he had a nice picture of it. it is on some nice farm land, with a mote, and the tops of the towers are blue. i havent been able to find it thru google. do you know it?
    s. lizard♫


  2. Evelyn says:

     Hey! Good morning! It\’s good to see you here Silvery! Not sure if you mean Stockholm north or further afield north such as Norrbotten or Vasterbotten but here are the names of castle known to me nearer to Stockholm: Backaskog Castle, Foresta Castle, Skokloster in Uppland, Snogeholm in Sjobo, Vastana, Bosjokloster, Christinehof near Eljaroed, Nykopingshus (SW of Stockholm). There are many more than that and at present I have only seen black and white photos of these. I\’ll probably get to that country for research around 2010! Hope that helps. All of these castles I mentioned are open to the public.
                                                       Good to see you!    Evelyn, The Castle Lady  XXXOOO  ;\’  )


  3. Joe says:

    Dear Evelyn,
    My wife is the most precious part of my life; indeed, I am a very lucky man. Hope you are OK and wish you the best things of life.Kisses, Joey and Mrs. D.


  4. momo says:

    tres jolies images
    merci pour ton comm
    gros bisous
    bon dimanche evelyn


  5. Unknown says:

                 a beautiful kiss for my only….
                                                only "bambina"


  6. Evelyn says:

    Cara Francesco! Dear Joey and mon cher Olicat! How nice to see all of you. Many kisses, molti baci et plusiers des bisous!
                                                                                             Evelyn , The Castle Lady  


  7. belle says:

    je passe te faire un gros kiss avant d aller bosse
    bonne journee avec un peu de soleil pour rechauffer ton coeur


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