Family Day at Thorp Perrow Arboretum!

     You’ll have to pardon me for steering us back (temporarily) today to North Yorkshire in the direction of Bedale. Thorp Perrow is just south of Bolton, Middleham and Richmond Castles. You might think I forgot to include it which is not the case at all. It isn’t a castle, after all, and I was waiting for a good spot to place it. I decided this is as good a time as any because it will be open to the public until the end of November but this is most likely the most pleasant time to see it in full glory.
     If you want an idyllic family outing you probably won’t do better than Thorp Perrow. This pleasure ground haven is eighty five acres of woodland walks, rare trees, shrubs, flowering plants and wildflowers. Thorp Perrow has the largest such collection in England. There are rare specimen trees, such as a 16th century Pinetum and a 16th century Spring Wood, from medieval times and has three collections consisting of Ash, Lime and Walnut.
     In addition, a conservation centre here includes falcons and other birds of prey. This attraction was added back in spring seven years ago. For children, there’s a playground with "mini-beast" station and for the famished, a tearoom and picnic area.
     Need more details? contact Sir John Ropner       T- 01677 425323
The Castle Lady sailing winks, blinks and nods your way!
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