What’s so hot about Harry?

      I have not so much as read a blurb on a Harry Potter book. Why you ask? For one, it’s children’s fiction and I don’t care much for the subject of magic, wizardry or sheer fantasy. I’m a person who sticks with plausibility, candor and insight into the human mind. Therefore, I haven’t really even had time to investigate this new “publishing phenomenon” that got the kids reading again. I’m wondering why they stopped but don’t we all really know why?
     First came the movies- then radio- onto TV then videogames and finally the internet (ahem!) and I would say there’s too many other diversions to bother with the so-called mundane chore of reading a book. I, on the other hand, never could resist a book. I can thank my brother Tim for that and my mother who read to me while I actually looked at the pages with her and figured out how to read all on my own. What a concept, huh?
     Well, I won’t say anything bad about children returning to literature but why should J.K. Rowling be the only recognized children’s literature author when there are so many others who could use some well-deserved recognition? In spite of the fact that there are countless people writing books for children- the media, parents and the children themselves go on acting as though Ms. Rowling is the only game in town.
     I have heard only one criticism come out of this pop/media blitz over Harry and it is this- apparently adults are made to appear quite stupid and if you aren’t a Hogwart (whatever that is!) you’re basically nothing. That’s certainly convenient isn’t it? Give all the kids an obvious common enemy and how can you lose? Piece of cake.
     If you want to stump the kids, though, on any Harry trivia I’ve got one question that will send them fleeing into my arms (you won’t mind that really!) Ask them what castle (in the movies) in which Harry’s Hogwarts School is located. The answer is in several places on this blog.
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2 Responses to What’s so hot about Harry?

  1. thunder says:

    bonjour evelyn merci de ta visite et merci de ton com qui fait énormément plaisir ton espace toujours aussi cool bisous à toi


  2. belle says:

    coucou je passe te faire un gros bisous et te donner un peu de soleil marie


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