The Way of Life-A voice crying in the wilderness

In The Way of Life, Lao Tzu quoted the Bible in this poem which is titled simply Poem 22
The crooked shall be made straight
And the rough places plain;
The pools shall be filled
And the worn renewed;
The needy shall receive
And the rich shall be perplexed.
So the Wise Man cherishes the One,
As a standard to the world;
Not displaying himself,
He is famous;
Not asserting himself,
He is distinguished;
Not boasting his powers,
He is effective;
Taking no pride in himself,
He is chief.
Because he is no competitor,
No one in all the world
Can compete with him.
The saying of the men of old
Is not vain:
"The crooked shall be made straight-"
To be perfect, return to it.
     In Luke 3:4,5 & 6 we come across one of the most important of the promises that God made to his people and ultimately to us. This quote actually originally came from the Prophet Isaiah. Ultimately this perfection that Lao Tzu speaks of is salvation in the mouths of Jews and Christians.
     Faith has always been an intrinsic part of my life. I don’t approach people with mistrust. I have always felt that people would be fair with me. However, I have been disappointed by people several times in my life in the "trust arena." As I get older I see the world as less and less trustworthy but my initial meetings and introductions are still full of faith in humankind. Call me a misguided fool if you like, but I find this is a much better way to live.
     The type of faith which pleases God is a strong belief in this promise he made in Isaiah 40 and then repeated to Luke later on. Our faith ought to be in God and not the people but I do see God using people for His purposes that I would never believe He could’ve used. This is a demonstration of the power of God. 
     Some years ago I was sitting in church and these two sentences were given to me and I wrote them down: 
       "The most essential aspects of our lives are, most often, unseen, unknown and intangible to us physically What we need is basically unknown to us."
     Looking at these sentences years later I know He gave this to me because we often don’t see the essentials that God sends us. We are often oblivious to his gifts and blessings and take them for granted. We may not notice them until He removes them. Grace is one blessing we really can’t reach out and grab with both fists but His true children sense and know it is there for the asking. Let that Grace be your perfection not some illusion of yourself that you may carry in your head. All that we do is vanity.
The Castle Lady, winging humble kisses and hugs your way!

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