The Mystery of Folkingham Castle


     (If you’ve noticed an extra photo in the Lincolnshire album, which I didn’t cover, this entry will explain why. -TCL  )

    Folkingham once had a big medieval castle (complete with moat and earthworks) but something else remains there in its place which may interest you to stop by to see. In the Lincolnshire photo album you can see this black and white photo of the Gatehouse remains in beautiful condition.

     It’s officially called "The House of Correction" by the Landmark Trust which was restored by them. Folkingham was instituted by 1611 and was a minor prison intended for petty offenders and served the whole of Kesteven until it was closed in 1878. Over time it was converted to ten dwellings all of which were demolished by 1955.

     What remains is a delightful classical-looking house which was the grand entrance at one time. This portion was designed by Bryan Browning, a Lincolnshire architect, who also made the plans for the Sessions House at Bourne. Looking back at some of the homes I previously mentioned it is interestingly derivative of the work of Vanbrugh.

     Like all the Landmark Trust properties this can be rented by up to four people. It has adjacent parking and a nice moated garden to walk through and dogs are allowed!

     For more info: or call +44 1628 825925

       The Castle Lady signing off with a hug and kiss for all!   Ciao!


Quote for the Day: Thought is only a flash between two long nights but this flash is everything. 

-Jules Henri Poincaire’

( Perhaps Mr. Poincaire’ meant to say "idea" rather than "thought"!) ;  )




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