Sleeping Beauty

My mother used to wake me up in the mornings, sometimes, when I was quite young and she’d say, "Wake up sleeping beauty!" She knew how to make a little girl feel like a princess and I could never quite get the idea out of my head. I’m a very practical person but I’m like every other red blooded female on this planet. There is something about being treated like a princess (especially by a Prince!) that makes you come all undone. I mean that in the nicest way of course!  – The Castle Lady
Sleeping Beauty fair
Gold of sunshine in your hair
Lips that shame the red, red rose
Dreaming of true love in slumber repose
One day he will come
Riding over the dawn
When you awaken to love’s first kiss
‘Til then, Sleeping Beauty, sleep on
One day you’ll awaken to love’s first kiss
‘Til then, Sleeping Beauty, sleep on…
From Sleeping Beauty
Lyrics and Music by Ted Adair and George Bruns
The Castle Lady will awaken you with many little kisses!
Love is a canvas, furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.-Voltaire


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4 Responses to Sleeping Beauty

  1. momo says:

    mmm tres joli tout ca
    excellente soirée
    gros bisous my friend


  2. Evelyn says:

     Ah, Olicat! Tu es un vrai prince de tout princes!  J\’espere nous causi tres bientot! Plusiers des bisous!
                                                                   Mmwwaaah!  TCL   ;  )  


  3. belle says:

    coucou dsl pour ce copie coller
    mais j ai bcp de retard dans mes coms
    mais j ai bcp de boulot et je suis crever
    je te souhaite de bonne vacances si tu y ai
    on esperant que tu aille bien
    je t embrasse marie  


  4. Evelyn says:

    C\’est bien a` toi a lu tes nouvelles. J\’espere ca va bien pour toi et bientot etre causerie avec toi.
                                                        Je t\’embrasse tres fort,


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