Oops! I did it again!

          Well, how’s this for disorganization? There is another castle which I only mentioned, in passing, in my May 31st entry last year "Durham’s Distinction" which should get more than a mention.
      Stanhope Castle (along with Langley Castle Hotel ! ) are a part of the North Pennines Tour  which was my opener. Besides being a very picturesque walk- Stanhope in Weardale is a wonderful stop to really take a look around.                                                                www.langleycastle.com
     It was built to be a residence in 1798 but was further enlarged by 1875 and the wonderful parkland and gardens you’re going to encounter there were laid out concurrently. The kitchen and ornamental gardens are accessed by a bridge which spans over to the other side of the road- or it did at one time. The bridge is now a lovely ruin itself. In the formal gardens you’ll find an information centre, Tea Room, craft center and many other accommodating facilities.
     The castle and grounds were once the site of a Norman castle which was abandoned rather than built on. The castle which is still standing was built by Cuthbert Rippon who was a solicitor- as was his son who also became the first MP for Gateshead. He added to the castle but sold it when he ran into debt. At one time it was a school and now it is divided into private apartments.
To get a look at its former glory, click on:
        If you happen to check out some of these old entries and others from 2006 you’ll find I’ve been doing corrections. Most of the errors were merely hilarious typos I just couldn’t abide which can happen to anyone. However, if I have unwittingly sent you on a wild goose chase just remember this-
                 It’s great exercise!            Hee hee hee !
     With that said, I will sign off with a kiss and a promise to update Cumberland very soon. After that- an entry on Newcastle is forthcoming and then-Northumberland here I come! That is, unless I find some more errors, of course!
The Castle Lady t’envoyant embrasses fort! 

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4 Responses to Oops! I did it again!

  1. Delete52Mitch says:

    Best of luck to you, castle girl! Mitch


  2. Evelyn says:

    I really enjoyed that entry you wrote on J.F. K. I believe he would\’ve been one of our greatest presidents if he\’d only had more time. Now, how about that castle you wanted to write about? Keep me posted! I\’ll put the link on my blog  and make an announcement!
                                                          Cheers , friend!     ;  )      


  3. belle says:

    coucou contente de ton passage dsl d etre un peu longue a repondre mais bcp de boulot
    mais c est enfin les vacances j espere que tu va bien je te fait un gros kiss marie


  4. Evelyn says:

    Allo cher Marie! C\’est toujours une plaisir a` te voir et lire tes mots dans m\’espace! J\’espere tu as une joyeux Noel si je ne causi avec toi avant les fetes! Plusiers bisous a` toi!
                                                Le Chateau Demoiselle   ;  )    


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