Happy Birthday, Alex!

In honor of Alex English’s birthday (yesterday actually!) I thought I would share some of his poetry from his book " Let’s Share".  Enjoy! -The Castle Lady
When your face
Dances across
my mind-stage
my happy smile flashes.
and so I made a great effort
to just be a friend knowing that it would be futile for me
to try to be anything else…
so I wrote you with honesty,
 a sketchy shadow at my side
We shared words we shared pictures
I loved you from my closet
 I love you again.
Trust is a key word
it can open many locks and lock many doors.
Inconsistency is not a companion of true friendship.
I miss you more often than the sun rises.
Your burning words charred my vision of you.  
Meet me in the spring my flower-love and we can bloom together.  
Will you make
my Christmas present
your heart?
You can wrap
it in yourself.
The Castle Lady, wrapping you with hugs
and dancing kisses across your face!

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The Castle Lady Official web site: www.ilovecastles.com other blogs: ilovecastles.blogspot.com evelynsrockpages.blogspot.com evelyns-nailsforlife.blogspot.com
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One Response to Happy Birthday, Alex!

  1. Paul says:

    Those are beautiful thoughts that happen to mirror emotions I\’m going through right now.  Thanks for posting them.


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