Ile de France Chateau Hotels

     There are so many great Chateau Hotels available in this area some of which are authentic ! It will be well worth staying in them and enjoying all that they have to offer on grounds and further afield from their domains. I will cover three exceptional beauties today and I encourage you to use some of the links I’m including to do a little of your own research to find a place special to your needs or interests. In the coming months I will be adding more of the photos of chateaux in the Ile de France area to the exclusive new album. If you are just looking for something intriguing it will be a great resource– The Castle Lady
     Chateau d’Esclimont (which I mentioned in the Ile de France Chateaux entry) was built in 1543 in the Valley of Esclimont by the archbishop of Tours, Etienne de Poncher. Today it is owned by a prestigious group- Grand Etapes Francaises- who specialize in offering wonderful vacations and events hosted by several chateaux in France.
     This one has had royal inhabitants such as Philippe Hurault, Count of Cheverny,who took possession in 1580. The chateau stayed in his family with a succession of Counts until 1639 when Claude de Bullion, Counselor to Parliament during Henry IVs reign, bought it for personal use and it remained in his line of heirs until 1746 when it became a Montmorency property through the marriage of Josephine Hortense with Guy-Andre’ de Montmorency who was the Duke of Laval. Afterward, Guy-Andre’ became the Marshal of France. The Montmorency-Laval family were proud owners until 1807 when they married into the Rochefaucauld- Doudeauville family and the final sale was in 1981 from Laure de Mailly-Nesle to the above-mentioned owners. 
     Set in pare pleasure parkland it is moated all the way around, it has colorful and extensive gardens and the chateau itself is fairytale-like with towers, beautiful windows and the drawbridge leads into the courtyard for exclusive parking for guests. The interior sports high ceilings, 15th-16th century period elegance with décor reminiscent of d’Esclimont’s originals. Room number 12 is memorable with its round bed and excellent cuisine is served by an in-house restaurant.
– 33 237 31 15 15
      Seated in landscaped gardens in the middle of the quaint and quiet village of Gressy, Le Manoir de Gressy provides leisure and business accommodations. It was rebuilt on the site of a 17th century farm and its character is authentic and quite comfortable in the standard of today’s luxury hotels ! Entirely rebuilt before this century, it is country serenity mixed with modern convenience and elegance. Located 20 minutes away from Disneyland Paris and Ile de France chateaux to visit such as Fontainebleau …
-33 160 26 68 00
     Le Chateau de Belesbat is located at Boutigny near Barbizon in a unique 120 acre natural park and is a golf lovers paradise. The domain hosts three edifices for room rental, the chateau being one also “Le Commanderie” and “Le Logis du Roy” . The interiors reflect the elegant history of its past and two restaurants one gourmet, ” Le Pavillon” and “Les Douves” offers casual dining and a wonderful view of the French gardens. 
– 33 169 23 19 00
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  1. Evelyn says:

    FYI , I have had many, many searches for Chateau Esclimont on this entry. It\’s one of the few genuine castle hotels and it\’s worth it to check it out. The Castle Lady


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