The Castle of Sand

This poem was written by an Asian poet with the anglicized name of Kanon. I found it on
the internet by chance and felt that this would be a wonderful poem to present to my reading public.
I have corrected and changed some of the words around for clarity and hope that Kanon won’t mind-
it was such a beautiful poem I couldn’t resist. Enjoy! -The Castle Lady
watercolor, original mouthpainted by Bruce Peardon   
From burning sun, there is a white and burning sky
The horizon reflects, waveringly in my eyes
The growing sun is filling up the sky and a ripple spreads, far away, just like the sea.
You make me come to the leeward with no words. Your shadow covers me
from white sun and burned sands. I burn to speak because I want to tell you…
but the sound of the sands drown out the speech of my thoughts.
A castle of sand, a hand reaching out to receive, but I push it away.
I’m not sure of what I want.
The castle of sand was so fragile. After I built it, it disappeared.
Now the sun glares, the light spreads out through my fingers
I hear the wind singing almost like a whisper- "built and disappeared."
The wind has stopped blowing heat from the glowing sky
Your hemp robe shines in contrast to all the colors surrounding us
And as the sun goes down to orange burst, silence fills up the sea like midnight.
Cold night sky. We’re waiting for the sunrise with hands on the ground
and rebuild the sand castle with our fingers.
It’s fragile and uncertain and the wind blows heavy on it.
Now it is surely here. My proof.
  Tel le phenix il renait alors de ses cendres plus glorieux qu’auparavant….
In every real man, a child is hidden that wants to play. – Nietzsche

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