A Godly Quest for Equal Rights

      Zelophehad, of the tribe of Manasseh had five daughters and no sons. Their names were: Mahlah which means "sickness or "disease", Noah, meaning "rest" or "comfort", Hoglah, meaning "partridge" or "boxer", Milcah, meaning "queen" or "counsel" and Tirzah, which means "pleasantness." If we accept these women’s names as pictures of their abilities, natures, or the adversities they had to overcome, we see all the qualities necessary for the tenacity, tact, courage, wisdom and grace they needed to request- and receive- an inheritance for themselves. Their presentation of their case to Moses and the leaders of Israel when the land was being divided to the tribes, is the Bible’s first instance of an appeal for equal rights for women. The power of their example is in their wisdom of trusting God to see that they were not denied. All five daughters manifest a balance between a spirit of confrontation and a spirit of cooperation. The former is illustrated by their attack on injustice and the latter by their compliance with the elder’s decision ( Numbers 36: 2-12) that they should marry within their tribe God defended them when they allowed Him to be their deliverer/provider. They reveal a contemporary pathway to overcoming inequality while sustaining a Godly spirit.
From the Spirit-Filled Life Bible Numbers 27:1-11
Sending out hugs and kisses in equal portions to everybody!
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One Response to A Godly Quest for Equal Rights

  1. Paul says:

    Wow!  Was that ever interesting.  It\’s amazing the small but important things that are buried in that book.


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