Covenant House- Friend to the Homeless Kids

     In this entry I just wanted to highlight some teens recently helped by a
wonderful organization called Covenant House which helps thrown away
kids and teens off the streets and back on track. Here are two recent refugees:
Give if you can!
This month your donation of any amount will be quadrupled!  
Paul was alone, barely surviving the harsh streets and even harsher weather.
But his biggest fear wasn’t freezing to death… it was falling asleep and
what might happen to him if he let his guard down, even for fifteen minutes…
"I was freezing, lying on a metal playground slide; sleep was my worst enemy…"
Laura said:
Many of these kids have no where else to go except the streets.
Covenant House has changed all that and they have many success stories. 
If you are a teen in need of help call Covenant House @
Show you care !  Hugs and kisses from
The Castle Lady 
I reached 11,000 hits this day by 5 p.m. Thanks everybody !

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3 Responses to Covenant House- Friend to the Homeless Kids

  1. mammo says:

    Toujours du bonheur de passer ici à bientôt CRIS


  2. Evelyn says:

    Et c\’est toujours un plaisir de te venir m\’espace, aussi! Bon WE Cris ! 
                                                         Evelyn     XO   ;  )      BIZ, SERRE   SOURIRE !


  3. Lena says:

    I just discovered your space and want to wish you a happy Easter.
    Yours Sunhappiness (from Sweden)


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