One World, One Dream

Free Tibet !
Pray for Tibet !
Have a blessed Easter
from The Castle Lady 

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10 Responses to One World, One Dream

  1. Paul says:

    I agree.  Although I love my company dearly, they are unfortunaltely big Olympic supporters and I\’m sure they hopethis "goes away".  I haven\’t watched them for years, especially after they went pro, and am anticipating a fawning media reporting over there this summer.
    You have a happy Easter, too, Evelyn.
    P.S. Tweety would actually say "secwetwy in wuv".


  2. Paul says:

    Oh, and "puttee-tat", too.


  3. bobby says:

    happy easter!!!!i have not seen you for a long time-miss you a lot
    take care


  4. Evelyn says:

     Hi Paul and Bobbie!  Yes, it\’s been awhile since we\’ve chatted. Maybe next WE won\’t be so full. Big holiday you know.
      I did think about putting "I\’m secwetwy in wove…" but thought better of it with my international friends. They may have a tough time figuring it all out! XD 
                                                Have a wonderful Easter Paul !    Kisses and hugs to both of you!  ;  )    


  5. judy says:

     I love your Tweety… Hoping you are doing well, Have a Blessed Easter.


  6. belle says:

    je passe te souhaite un bon we de paque avec le soleil
    je vais bien mais tres ocuper je t embrasse tres fort j espere que tu va bien


  7. Serena says:

    Happy Easter to you, dear Castle Lady!Bye bye 🙂


  8. Lena says:

    Thanks for your visit on my page. From now on I will try to write in both English and in my first language wich is Swedish so that visiturs from other countries will  hav a chanse to understand 🙂 I hope there will not be too many errors…
    Anyway, I also wrote about Tibet resently, but in Swedish. So, I will translate the text another day because we will have to unite our voices from all countries to stop this violence and terror, both in Tibeth and other countries where war and violence  continues.
    You are very welcome to visit again.
    Love Sunhappiness


  9. Daniel says:

    Hey Evelyn! 🙂
    Great to hear from you! Thanks for coming by!I looked at your site! Its great XD I shall take another look when i have more time!So how are you doing? Did you have a good easter? Hope you didn\’t eat too much :-p hehe!Come by soon! And i hope you had a great weekend, Take care and have a great day and a great week ahead,Danielxox


  10. Petite-Neige says:

    thanks for coming by!!!
    I like your blog, but sometimes it\’s rather difficult for me to read in English ( I understand everything, the problem is that there is a barreer to read in another language that your native)! Meme en Francais j\’aime pas lire, je ne lis que du russe…
    Have a good WE


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